• Mexican women

  • Mexico is a country where the merger of Indian and European civilizations has surprisingly occurred. America and Spain had a huge influence on sunny and vibrant Mexico with its traditional culture of Indian peoples.

    In the country, most of the population speaks official Spanish, although more than two hundred Indian languages ​ ​ and dialects are widely used in everyday life. In the past, the second language of communication of the educated part of the Mexican https://www.dating.com/what-is-the-right-way-to-date-mexican-women/ population was French, but now it has been replaced by English. Therefore, when you are in Mexico, in many institutions, especially international companies, you can easily find a person who is fluent in English.

    Mexicans are generally a tactile nation, so it is worth being ready to exchange friendly hugs after several meetings with a new acquaintance. When meeting, a woman is always the first to give a hand to a man, which is also true of foreigners. Do not avoid touches on which Mexicans are very generous - amateurs to put their hand on the shoulder or elbow of the interlocutor - this can offend them. It is worth considering that Mexicans are used to communicating at arm's length, which may not be familiar to foreigners. In Mexico, nonverbal communication is given great importance.

    In terms of dating, they are the exact opposite of ordinary girls who are waiting for the first step from the guys. If a woman from Mexico liked a cute kid, she will immediately take the initiative. At the same time, from the very first minutes they begin to flirt and flirt with the guys. Yes, such interesting individuals.

    Surprisingly, now in Mexico there is an interesting situation - there is a shortage of men in the country, since most of them go to other countries to earn money, in Mexico itself there is now total unemployment. Local beauties practically do not wear dresses, preferring them the notorious jeans and trousers. In terms of beauty, Mexicans are quite ambiguous, frankly stunning senoritas are found, and you can see an absolutely ungroomed, clumsy "madam."